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Abbott ID NOW

Faster than PCR - more accurate than a rapid test

PoC-NAT-Test mit ID NOWTM von Abbott

PCR-Standard in wenigen Minuten für unsere Kunden.

Ideal zur direkten Überprüfung ggf. positiver Ergebnisse bei Antigen-Schnelltests oder für spezielle Zielgruppen, die nicht auf das Laborergebnisse warten können.

With a PoC-NAT test, you can obtain a reliable result within afew minutes if you are infected with the SARS-CoV-2pathogen.

The ID NOWTM test method is a corona test that can be usedto detect the pathogen directly. As with the PCRtest in thelaboratory, it detects the virus by nucleic acid amplificationtechnique (NAT), in which the genome ofthe virus ismultiplied. As a result, even low viral loads can be detected. This NAT procedure is certified by theRKI and, like a PCR test, is recognized as proof.

The result is available within 15 minutes!

Unlike PCR tests, where the sample is sent to the laboratory, PoC-NAT tests are evaluated at short notice onsite (at thepoint of care).

Ideal for direct verification of positive results in antigen rapidtests or for special target groups (e. g. boardmeetings, talkshow guests, etc. ) who cannot wait for laboratory results.

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