Resumption of business!

Media productions / events under the conditions of respective state regulations for the Corona pandemic.

Public and social life in Germany is currently severely restricted due to the corona pandemic.

With the decision of the local government of Berlin and the interconnected reliefs, the first steps of returning to normal life are now underway.

This will be associated with numerous requirements, here it will be the responsibility of the production companies / organizers to implement the specifications accordingly.

It is also obvious that total protection is not possible. From the standpoint of operators, it is therefore way more important to implement the measures taken in the company in accordance with the legal requirements and to document it.

Inventory and recommendation for action

Step 1:

Work out a concept for you, that complies with the requirements Business.

The measures that have to be taken on site are strongly dependent on the production / the type of event, the location. Among other things, the planned process, entry situations, proof of the on-site employees, sanitary situations and the execution of catering are considered.

After taking stock, we propose appropriate measures to you and then incorporate them into a prevention concept that refers to the local legal provisions for cleaning intervals, protective equipment or disinfection measures.

Acceptance and documentation

Step 2:
Before starting the shooting / event, we carry out an acceptance.

In the course of this acceptance, a checklist is used to check whether the specifications drawn up as part of the prevention concept have been complied with.
All relevant points are recorded and documented both in writing and with pictures. In this way, the basic implementation of the prevention concept can also be demonstrated retrospectively.

We will provide you with the protocol of the acceptance, which is always carried out by our specially trained medical specialists.

Laboratory test - RT-PCR

There are currently a variety of test methods available for SARS-CoV-2. In cooperation with a recognized and certified laboratory, we offer "CORONA tests".

As evidence of the SARS-CoV-2 pathogen, a swab is taken from the upper airways (throat) by our professional medical staff on site. The sample taken is immediately cooled and anonymized and sent to our partner laboratory in accordance with the applicable transport regulations and labels.

There the sample is processed and subjected to an RT-PCR test. The full and complicated name is “reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction”.

The test results are available to us after 24 hours and will be forwarded to our customer.

In the event of a positive test result, the relevant person will be informed immediately by our employees and a report will be made to the responsible health authority.

GPDS GMBH creates a complete documentation of the sampling and its results and also archives it in a legally secure manner.

Healthcare professionals

Basically, the measures serve to hedge and minimize the risk.

Tailored to your requirements, our experienced emergency services perform the following tasks:

  • Temperature control and documentation
  • Throat swab for laboratory test - take RT-PCR

Commissioner for Hygiene

Adapted to the present hygiene concept, our qualified personnel takeover the monitoring, control and documentation:

  • the hygiene measures
  • of the minimum distance
  • of the cleaning cycles

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