Protection against infection in the context of the Corona pandemic

Media productions / events under the conditions of respective state regulations for the Corona pandemic.

Public and social life in Germany is currently severely restricted due to the corona pandemic.

The course of the pandemic and the associated changes in restrictions and requirements are very dynamic.

A hundred percent protection against infection is not possible. This makes it all the more important from our point of view to deal responsibly with the issue of infection protection in this situation. The appropriate measures must be selected in such a way that at least meets the legal requirements and minimises the risk of infection.

This is the only way to avoid operational downtimes or production interruptions, which are associated with high economic costs.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we advise and support companies from different economic sectors and the film industry.

In addition to developing hygiene concepts, advising on the creation of effective test strategies, and on-site monitoring, we also provide the necessary equipment for purchase or rent.

Our team around the topic of infection protection supports our customers with advice and deeds.

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