Fire protection instructions

You too can benefit from our many years of experience in training and further education

Fire poses a serious danger to any company, so preventive and operational fire protection deserves proper attention.

Internal fire protection in companies includes regular training for all employees. Article 10 of the German Occupational Safety and Health Act (ArbSchG) and the German Social Accident Insurance, version 1 (DGUV V1), form the legal basis for this. The result is a statutory obligation for companies.

We would also like to train your employees as fire protection assistants.

In our four-hour training, you will receive practical and site-specific instructions for fire protection.


Theoretical part

  • Basics of "ignition" and the beginning of a fire
  • Basics of "extinguishing"
  • Suitable extinguishing media for self-help
  • Technical, structural and organizational measures of preventive fire protection in accordance with the general career and study orientation (BSO)
  • Preventive fire protection measures in practice
  • Avoiding damage in practice
  • What to do in case of damage?

Practical part

  • Practical firefighting training on a fire extinguisher simulator with different application scenarios
  • We provide firefighting training with the help of a trainer specialized in gas extinguishing systems


The training takes place on your premises or on the premises of your company in order to reduce absenteeism to a minimum.

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