Equipment / operational resources

After individual advice, GPDS will provide you with all the necessary equipment for first aid and preventive and defensive fire protection.

First aid kit

Over the years, we have compiled extensive material for medical care. In addition to classic medical kits for companies, we also have comprehensive medical equipment.

Emergency Case


  • First aid kit – large
  • Box with a fire blanket
  • Eyewash bottle
  • Portable foam fire extinguisher 6 l
  • Portable fire extinguisher with carbon dioxide 5 kg
  • Front cap with flap up
  • 8 large folding handles


From suction and pressure hoses of various sizes to powerful hand-held fire extinguishers and breathing masks: we have a wide range of modern fire extinguishers. As a result, our firefighters are well equipped for major events.

Technical support

Various materials are used for technical assistance. In our inventory, among other things, we have powerful water pumps to remove water damage, lamps for night work, as well as DIN tools, generators, ropes and other aids.

Professional digital radio technology

  • UHF, 403-527MHz
  • 2 zones with 16 channels each

Smoke detector

Whether it is hotels, public spaces or private households: smoke detectors increase safety and are an indispensable means of support in fire prevention. As we are experienced service providers, we advise you to comprehensively install and maintain smoke detectors in your property. We will introduce you to different systems, plan a concept tailored to you and do the installation on site for you.

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